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Shiney Media Group takes a lot of pride in making this claim: “We are aligned based on merit, personality, chemistry, and trust.” So it was a huge win for our company to have met and collaborated with Dmitry, checking every single one of those boxes, and to welcome him into our group. Dmitry is not just a Producer, DP, and editor with a keen eye; he works tirelessly to execute the absolute maximum quality end production, committing all necessary extra efforts and personal time to do so. He is a diligent perfectionist, in the best way, and best of all, the process is unbelievably fun because his personality is magnetic. We have had a blast on every project and I look forward to many more years of collaboration. We are like-minded in that we share the same purpose- we are in this business to enjoy the creativity, the work, and the people. I am thankful to have cemented this professional relationship, but even more-so to now call Dmitry a friend.
‭+1 (646) 554-8214‬


I’ve worked with Dmitry on multiple projects and he is a fantastic Director of Photography. He has a great eye for getting the best footage and he’s a wizard with the Jib. His lighting and camerawork are excellent and he knows how to set up really good shots. He’s also great to work with and really cares about doing a great job. I highly recommend Dmitry.

+1 (323) 719-3409

Independent film director

Worked with Dmitry this past Saturday for the first time and it is far from the last. He is a consummate professional and a true artist. Soooo easy to work with and he hauled ass the entirety of our more than 15 hour shoot. He excelled even in difficult circumstances. Can’t wait to see what we can do together in better circumstances.
+1 (310) 210-8995

POP OPERA SINGER / Songwriter, fashion designer

By far one of the most passionate DP’s I have met in the Business. His professionalism and unique vision is rare to find. He will spend hours to make your project perfect. Thank you for your creativity. Xoxo

VIZPRO CREATIONS / Producer, owner

I recently worked with Dmitry on a project and it was a fantastic experience. As a DP, Dmitry is highly skilled with lighting and camera angle positions. He definitely has a good eye for framing each shot. It was a delight working with him from pre-pro to post. He is a true talent on a film stage that everyone can appreciate. This man delivers!
+1 (818) 817-1925

FIND YOUR EDGE MEDIA / Producer, owner

Cinematographers like Dmitry Popov are rare indeed. I have had the good fortune of working with Dmitry on a number of high profile video projects where his talent as an A level director of photography and his rare work ethic established him as one of my most reliable, go-to-hires when projects require the visual grace of a master cinematographer. It is rare to find crew who not only take their craft as serious as Dmitry does, but who consistently over-deliver in effort and quality. He’s also a terrific guy to spend with time – a family man and creative thinker who is quick with a joke and always has a solution to any problems that arise during production. Versatile in both production and post, with a gunslinger’s courage and the attitude of someone who takes nothing for granted, you’ll be glad you hired Dmitry Popov for your next project. He’ll work harder and more efficiently than anyone else on your crew. 5 star recommendation.
+1 (510) 384-5395

AMBISONIC RECORDING STUDIO / Music writer, producer, musician

I have had the privilege of working with Dmitry in 2014, while we were making my band’s new video. I was amazed to see him in action, first of all because he had tremendous energy, deep enthusiasm and creative ideas. He also had a great way of communicating with the band members, and made the whole process very fun and productive. Dmitry is very well-versed with his camerawork and he has a great technical knowledge on how to create his vision. He knows exactly what he wants to see in the final picture, and achieves that. I was really concerned that the rehearsal studio in which we were filming didn’t look good enough, but Dmitry is highly skilled and very professional at shooting high-end videos as well as in editing, and he made it happen. He will give any client a high quality product that meets YOUR expectations. I love the video he made for us, and It was truly a pleasure to work with Dmitry. He has a pleasant professional attitude, and brought a wonderful combination of immense skill and ability to collaborate on any given project. Dmitry is easy to get along with, amenable, intelligent, and takes pride and joy in his work. I highly recommend Dmitry Popov in the areas of cinematography and video editing. He is exactly the type of cinematographer, DP, or editor you want.

TREASURE HUNT EPIC QUEST / Co-Founder / Producer

Dmitry joined the project one week before the shooting and managed to organize the process as video director and operator really professionally, he helped us to save a lot of money because of his professional connections in Hollywood and did the perfect job during production and postproduction. We will be happy to work together again!
+1 (747) 249-7385


I highly recommend Dmitry to anyone who look for video production company,
he is quick, hard worker, reasonable and professional!
+1 (818) 300-7226

PRIVET EARTH / Music Artist

Amazing talent, great work ethic, awesome skills is how I would describe Dmitry’s work. He is the best music video director / operator / editor that I have ever worked with! I would absolutely recommend him to anybody who is looking to shoot music video, commercial, movie etc… He is what they call an A-list professional!
+1 (323) 652-2064

SPUTNIK ENTERPRISES Inc. / Producer, owner

Dmitry is a very hard working professional with highly skilled visual and creative ideas. He always goes extra mile to achieve the best results either he is working on shooting hi-end videos, directing or editing. He is fun to work with and his priority is to give you a high quality product that stands out of the crowd.
+1 (650) 575-0546

LIFTED FILMS MEDIA / Producer, owner

Very professional and talented with the camera. He also has a lot of great gear.
+1 (310) 738-0517

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